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Major Projects & Potential Buyer

Major Projects and Potential Buyer

  • BANKING – booming industry fueled by government security regulations
  • COMMERCIAL SECTORS – No one can ignore the increased number of offerings for entry-level cameras and equipment. Indonesia’s big cities if now filled with supermarkets and shopping malls which demand electronic security.
  • PORTS & AIRPORTS – The big ongoing projects since Indonesia is an archipelago country, with more than 17,000 islands. Indonesian government will boost capital spending to ($140 billion) in 2013 to solve infrastructure bottlenecks and spur growth. These infrastructure projects include the development of 14 airports, which will be significant for surveillance and access control players.

More Country's Facts


  • Indonesia is home to 238 million people, making it the fourth populous country in the world and the largest economy is Southeast Asia.
  • As the world’s largest archipelago covering some 17,000 islands, Indonesia is surrounded by the maritime boundaries of eight countries. This creates enormous issues concerning border security and leaves Indonesia vulnerable to transnational crimes and terrorist incursions.
  • The Outlook for the Indonesian economy is stable.

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